Best Buy shows off Time Capsule in this week’s flyer

Time Capsule has been listed as shipping in Feb. and now Best Buy has it listed in this week’s sales flier. So, it’s safe to assume that Time Capsule will be available this week. Time Capsule is, of course, the new wi-fi base station/automatic backup device from Apple. It features either a 500 gb or […]

Apple begins cellphone recycling program

In response to criticism from groups like Greenpeace, Apple has now implemented a new recycling program designed to reduce the amount of damage that mass consumption can cause. In addition to products like iPods, people will now be able to recycle cellphones, no matter who the manufacturer might be. You can send the devices to […]

Steve Jobs turns 53 over the weekend

Feb. 24th 2008 marked the 53rd birthday of Apple CEO Steven Paul Jobs. I seriously doubt he had a cake that looked like the one above, but you never know. To celebrate Steve’s birthday, join me below in viewing a montage of Mr. Jobs saying his favorite word over, and over, and over again. BOOM! […]

Apple updates iTunes with 7.6.1 promises .99 cent movie rentals

Apple released a minor update on Thursday to iTunes. The 7.6.1 update fixes a few minor bugs, and improves compatibility between Apple TV 2.0 and iTunes. Apple has also informed subscribers to its newsletter that it will be offering one rental movie at .99 cents each week. The first film available at this discounted rate […]

Linkin Park plays Apple SoHo store

Mike Shindoa on the band “Linkin Park” hinted on his blog this week that the band was playing a super secret event for Apple – which, of course, the internet turned into, “Linkin Park playing at Apple Special Event – I wonder what new products will be announced there” – but that wasn’t the case […]