Texas based University hands out iPhones/iPod Touches to all Freshman

In the summer of 2007 ACU (Abilene Christian University) began exploring the possibilities of using mobile devices to enhance the education experience. They are not the first to begin embracing technology for teaching – some schools hand out laptops to elementary school kids these days – but they are the first to develop a variety […]

iPod/iPhone firmware 1.1.4 update released – still no SDK

Apple has released the iPod Touch/iPhone 1.1.4 firmware update, labeling it only as “bug fixes”. There is no official word just yet on what exactly it will fix – my hope is that it will correct the txt messaging problems that I’ve had since the 1.1.3 update. In the Apple Developer’s Center there is still […]

“Hit Me On My iPhone” now available as iPhone Ringtone and MP3

I’m sure you remember this hilarious video featuring the guy from the iPhone guided tour remixed to lip sync Pete Miser’s insanely funny (and accurate) “Hit Me On My iPhone” song. Thankfully, Pete has decided to make his song available to the world either as an MP3 or an iPhone ready Ringtone. Each is available […]

iTunes is now the Number 2 Music Retailer in the US

Well, that Amazon MP3 store must not be doing as well as I thought it would. Apple today issued a press release announcing that iTunes is now the #2 music retailer in the United States, trailing only behind retail juggernaut Wal-Mart. Apple also announced that there are over 50 million iTunes customers now, and that […]

Apple Introduces new Macbook and Macbook Pro models

Apple today FINALLY released the latest updates to the Macbook and Macbook Pro lines, although they are primarily only spec upgrades. The Macbook Pro now features the same multi-touch trackpad featured on the Macbook Air, but neither the Macbooks nor the Macbook Pros feature any real significant cosmetic changes. The new MacBook Pro features the […]

Gameloft releases Bubble Bash for iPod

Gameloft continue to release games for the iPod at a swift pace, this time creating a ‘Bust-a-move’ clone called ‘Bubble Bash’. If you’re familiar with ‘Bust-a-move’ then you know exactly how the game plays. ‘Bubble Bash’ joins ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – Aegir’s Fire’ and ‘Yahtzee’ as the latest releases for the iPod gaming platforms.