Apple releases Chess, Backgammon, and “Battleship” clone for iPod

In addition to new iPhone and iPod Touch models, Apple today released three new games for the 6th generation iPod and 3rd generation iPod nano. The new games include Chess and Backgammon, which come in one package, and then a “Battleship” clone game entitled “Naval Battle”. The Naval Battle game plays just like Battleship, but […]

Apple releases new iPhone, iPod Touch models

This morning Apple announced the availability of new iPhone and iPod Touch models. The newest version of the iPhone clocks in at 16 gbs for the price of $499. In addition, Apple also released a new iPod Touch model that can hold 32 gbs of content, also for the price of $499. These models join […]

Review – Toon Boom Studio 4

There was a time when creating an animated short took a team of dozens of people, required tons of paper, pencils, ink and paint – not to mention a full blown sound studio for audio recording and a multi-thousand dollar camera to shoot each hand drawn cell individually. My how the times have changed. Toon […]

Wal-Mart exec, Kevin Swint, headed for Apple

One of the primary executives responsible for Wal-Mart’s recent, unsuccessful, push into the world of digital downloads has left the mega-retailer to help Apple grow its iTunes business internationally. Kevin Swint, former divisional manager for digital media at Wal-Mart stores, joins Apple this week in the role of general manager of international video for iTunes. […]

App4mac releases “Check Up 1.0”

Today, app4mac released CheckUp 1.0, a new app that can monitor the health of your Mac, even remotely. The app is designed to monitor he usage of CPU, Memory, Disk Drives and Network Adapters. You can display detailed info about all running processes and pause or terminate them at any time. The app also includes […]

How the iTunes Rental model has to change to succeed

With Apple’s delay of the AppleTV update, I’m stuck watching this copy of “The Simpsons Movie” on my wife’s iPhone if I want to actually watch the thing. This experience with the iTunes rental process has made it very clear to me that if Apple is going to succeed with this they’re going to have […]

Can’t figure out who to vote for? Try iCandidate!

If you’re engaged in the magic of the political process here in the US, and would like to know which candidates actually have they same opinion as you do on the various “hot button” topics of the day, what can you do? Can you watch political ads? Hardly. Can you pay attention to the news? […]

O2 ad new “Bolt Ons” to iPhone Plans

MacNN reports that in addition to recently updated iPhone plans, UK carrier 02 has also unveiled a series of “Bolt On” packages meant to address the limitations of the default voice and SMS packages that just don’t get the job done for some UK iPhone users. Each of the main “Bolt On” add-ons costs £7.50, […]