Video: ‘Get A Mac’ – “Time Machine”

Apple has posted their latest ‘Get a Mac’ ad just before the 2008 Macworld Expo kicks off. The ad does a good job of what I think these commercials should be doing – showing off a feature of OSX and explaining how it works…and it’s worth a chuckle ta boot.

Do you want a Stumble Upon button for Safari? Me too.

I love Stumble Upon. It’s one of my favorite ways to surf the web. My biggest complaint about it is that I have to use Firefox for it. Now, don’t get me wrong, Firefox is great – but I find it really slows my Mac down (most likely because I have 100+ other windows open, […]

What is so hard about making a webcam for Mac?

I’ve been getting ready for Macworld, and since I have a young child at home who has made it clear that my going to San Francisco for several days is not the greatest thing ever, I have been trying to find a webcam for our Mac Mini. I might as well be trying to find […]

Apple quietly gets rid of the Macbook ‘Number Pad’

Here’s an interesting tid-bit that David Pogue of the New York Times pointed out yesterday. It looks like Apple has quietly eliminated the numerical keypad on the latest Macbooks. When Pogue got a new Macbook recently (I can’t figure out why he did that this close to Macworld)When a reader recently sent David a note, […]