Jobs speaks frankly about the Zune being a “worthy alternative” to the iPod

Recently Microsoft’s Robbie Bach made a statement that the Microsoft Zune was a “worthy alternative” to the iPod. When Steve Jobs was asked about his thoughts on this statement at Macworld this week during a post-Air announcement interview his response was, while slightly harsh, funny as all hell. “Was he inebriated?” Jobs asked CNBC reporter […]

Macworld 2008: Back Home

I’m back at home finally. Macworld is still going on today, of course, but initially I didn’t think it was going to take the full four days of the Expo to get everything done that I needed to do. I was wrong, of course, and there were still some booths I didn’t get to, and […]

Macworld 2008: Expo Day 2

The second day of the Expo was actually my 4th day in San Francisco. Since I’ve been walking everywhere I go (and that’s not something I normally do quite as much back home), I really started to feel it. Soreness and blisters and all of that fun stuff. I spent the morning exploring the West […]

Do you need iTunes 7.6 to upgrade to iPhone 1.1.3?

It looks like you may need iTunes 7.6 to complete your upgrade to the latest version of the iPhone software. I’ve gotten several reports that people are unable to complete the upgrade, and are getting a variety of errors because they have not upgraded to iTunes 7.6. If you’re trying to upgrade an having problems […]

Quick Tip: Apple Mail “Unread” Smart Mailbox

If you’re like me you get a TON of email, and sometimes the stuff that you haven’t replied to can get missed because it floats down to the bottom of the screen – then off the screen – where I will never scroll down to see just what it is. For some reason I am […]

Hands On “Spore” Creature Creator from EA

Spore is a game with a lot of hype behind it, and a very long development history. To some people, Spore may be their most anticipated game ever, and now we’re looking at it being released in 2008. I stopped by the EA booth today and got a chance to play Spore for a minute. […]

Macworld 2008: Expo Day 1

Sitting in the hotel room tonight I can finally sit back and reflect on the first day of the Macworld Expo. Today was a day of a lot of new experiences for me, and it was very, very interesting. I should say that I’m here as a member of the media. Apple Gazette qualified for […]