More Video makes its way to the UK iTunes Store

The UK iTunes Video store is certainly not the cream of the crop of UK television, but Apple seems to slowly be adding content to it to beef the thing up. Just yesterday the UK iTunes Store was updated with the following programming: Wallace and Grommit Friends Wonder Woman V: The Complete Series Babylon 5 […]

Latest Quicktime Updates disable Adobe After Effects

Slashdot is reporting that there have been numerous posts on Apple’s discussion forums (most of which have been deleted – gotta love that), and also several posts on video editing blogs about the fact that Apple’s QT 7.4 update does more than just enable iTunes rental – it also disables Adobe After Effects. If you […]

Boot Camp now supports 64bit-Vista, more Vista/Mac news

According to the latest Boot Camp instructions bundled with the new Mac Pros “if you have a Mac Pro introduced in late 2007 or later, you can use a 64-bit version of Windows Vista”. This additional support is not something that Apple has announced, and I don’t know anyone who’s ever run the 64-bit version […]

Apple stock plummets after ‘highest ever’ sales quarter report

SO – Apple shares dropped 11% after Apple reported it’s MOST SUCCESSFUL QUARTER IN THE COMPANIES HISTORY yesterday afternoon. Yeah – you read that right…the stock plummeted. Why? Because Apple forecast lesser earning than analysts predicted that they would. Now, unfortunately, I am not an expert at this stuff – the stock market has always […]

Reminder: Earnings Call this afternoon

Later today we’ll have the results from Apple’s 4th quarter earning call. If things go as they usually do, Apple will issue a press release before the call actually begins with all the financial information included. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has lowered his sale estimates for iPods today, just hours before the call, which […]