Limited Updates – I’m sick.

I’ve been fighting off a bug the entire weekend, and today it really punched me in the face. I think it’s just a head cold, but I am completely miserable. So, with that in mind, updates will probably be limited over the next day or so. Anybody got any good home remedies for a cold?

Reader Feedback Request: Apple Gazette – the book?

At Macworld, one of the booths I stopped by was If you’ve never heard of the company, they produce full color, high quality, soft and hardcover books – very much like iPhoto books, but it a many more options and templates designed for more than just photos. I was so impressed with the quality […]

So just how long do you have to watch those iTunes rentals?

I still haven’t watched the copy of The Simpsons movie that rented last week, and I don’t plan to until the AppleTV update comes down the pipe (hopefully sometime this week)….so I haven’t tried this myself, but MacNN reports that if you watch a movie, and don’t finish it within the 24 hour period, but […]

A Look at Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Update: Read our special feature The Family Tree of Steve Jobs to find out more about Lisa Brennan-Jobs along with Steve’s widow Laurene, his sister Mona Simpson, his parents, children, and more. Lisa Brennan-Jobs is not a woman we hear much about in connection with Apple. She is the daughter of Steve Jobs, the namesake […]

Coladia released Personal Trader 3.0

SO – are you looking for a great utility to watch your stocks tank? Well, if so, Coladia has the application for you! Personal Trader 3.0 is “a stock market utility designed for managing your stock portfolio. Intuitive and easy-to-use, Personal Trader helps you track and analyze your investments. Personal Trader can get current share […]