What will Apple be like without Steve Jobs?

Jonathan Ive, who is responsible for every good Mac design in the past 10 years, just might be the guy that will one day replace Steve Jobs. That’s the rumor anyway. It’s sad to think about really – that’s why I’m posting this actually. One thing that is great about Apple is the cult-like insanity […]

R.I.P. – CompUSA 1984-2007

The first time I ever saw a Mac in real life it was at a CompUSA. If it hadn’t been for a CompUSA I would probably have never seen a Mac, or gotten a chance to try one out – and who knows if I’d ever made the switch. The CompUSA in my local area […]

Tunewear announces PRIE TouchStand iPod Touch Case

Tunewear announced the release of its PRIE TouchStand leather case for iPod Touch today. The case is made of genuine leather and is a soft case with a flip cover. The included clip on the back of the case also functions as a stand for easy landscape viewing when you set the iPod touch down […]

Apple hoarding over 15 Billion Dollars

Apple is apparently stockpiling money according to MacNN. The Mac maker is putting back cash in droves, with $5 billion of the over $15 billion it is currently packing away having just been added in the last year. Only Cisco and Microsoft have more money tucked away. Apple is currently holding more cash that tech […]

Software Spotlight: Dream Recorder

You spend 1/3 of your life asleep. If you’re curious about what goes on during that time – you might want to check out this interesting application I stumbled upon – Dream Recorder. The application is a sleep monitoring program that detects body movement with professional night vision tracking for iSight cameras. If you’re obsessed […]

Apple cracking down on illegal iPhone sales

In countries like Singapore Apple is threatening legal action against cellphone carriers selling illegal unlocked iPhones. It’s been reported that Apple plans to charge those responsible for selling the devices $700 per unlocked iPhone sold. Currently, the only company allowed to sell unlocked iPhones is Orange in France – and if Apple could keep that […]

Apple gives away iPods to San Diego wildfire victims

San Diego Is My Home and several other sites are reporting that Apple is spreading a little seasonal cheer to kids who were victims in the recent San Diego area wild fires. Jobs and Co. are handing out iPods to high school students who lost their homes and belongings thanks to local resident Steve Boyack. […]