Optimus Touch – a $109 iPod Touch knock-off

The Optimus Touch is a cheap iPod Touch knock-off fresh from China that is now available for $109 . That’s 1/3 of the price of the iPod touch, but based on the vide below, it looks like you’re getting what you pay for. The guy in the video speaks positively of the device, but he’s […]

Briefly: Hulu.com Review, Hudson making iPhone games

I recently got a chance to check out the Hulu.com Beta. Hulu, for those of you that may have missed it, is an NBC-News Corp joint venture where you can watch full length episodes of some of your favorite shows online. If done well, it could be a serious threat to the iTunes video store. […]

YouTube Find: DIY paper iPhone + iPod Touch stand

If you’re willing to give Origami a shot, and you need a stand for your iPhone or iPod Touch, you’re going to want to check this out. Obviously the guy in the video is using a $100 bill, but you can simply use a piece of paper cut to the same dimensions as a dollar […]

TV finally coming to iTunes in Canada

So it’s possible that some of you Canadian readers woke up with a surprise in your iTunes this morning (I don’t know for sure – since I’m not in Canada – fill us in in the comments). Reports are coming in that Apple will be adding a small number of television shows to the Canadian […]

Apple Store – Free Shipping – Today Only

If you’re thinking of making a purchase in the Apple Store, but have been putting it off, today is the day. The store is offering FREE SHIPPING, but it’s today only. This is, of course, the US store – and I don’t know if other stores internationally are offering the same deal. If they are, […]

Apple to open 40 new stores in 2008

At a press conference for the opening of Apple’s latest NYC store, senior retail VP Ron Johnson said that Apple will be expanding in 2008 by open 40 new retail stores, and that expansion will have an international focus. The first Brazilian Apple store will be opening by the end of this month, with another […]

Software Spotlight: Transmit 3.6.3

Transmit is arguably the most popular FTP application on the Mac. Version 3.6.3 has just been released and it featured improved Leopard and Amazon S3 compatibility, French and German localization and several bug fixes. The update is free for registered users, and new users can get Transmit for only $29.95. Update: screenshot added.