BBC iPlayer officially launches for Macs

If you’re a UK reader, then you probably remember that whole petition thing so that Macs could get the same benefits of online downloads from the BBC. I mean, after all, who could stand to miss Mr. and Mrs. Bin Laden? Well, that BBC project – dubbed the iPlayer, has now officially launched for Macs […]

Widget Watch: Santa’s Journal

If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit, you might want to grab this widget, which not only has a Christmas countdown, but also has an RSS feed that connects directly to Santa’s online Journal, letting you know just what Jolly Old Saint Nick is up to in preparation for Christmas. Fun, huh? Click […]

Platinum iPhone Anyone?

Well, we’ve all seen the insanely blinged out iPod shuffles and what not. Even a gold trimmed iPhone made its way around the net earlier this year. Well the folks behind the gold iPhone are back, and this time they’re coming in Platinum. Looks kind of like a regular iPhone doesn’t it? Well – that […]

Woz is now a Disney owned Robot. Really.

Disney’s Spaceship Earth was recently retooled, and rumor had it that Steve Jobs was going to be turned into an animatronic addition to the ride. Thankfully, that didn’t happen – and instead, Woz, the loveable guy that actually invented the Apple Computer is there instead. You can see a small version of him above, but […]

Apple Officially launched TV Shows in Canada

Apple issued a press release this morning officially announcing the availability of television programs in the Canadian iTunes store. Programming includes: • CBC’s comedy programs “Little Mosque on the Prairie” and “The Rick Mercer Report,” reality programming “No Opportunity Wasted” and “Dragon’s Den;” • CTV’s smash hit comedy “Corner Gas,” dramas “Instant Star,” “Degrassi: The […]

Norton AntiVirus 11 ships for Leopard – huh?

AntiVirus software?!? Really? Ok, look – I’ll be the first to say that no computer Mac or PC will ever be 100% virus proof – but, to me anyway, virus protection software for your Mac is like buying an extended warranty plan for a book. It’s just plain unnecessary. This Yahoo article almost makes it […]