Fake Steve Jobs getting sued by Apple is a HOAX

Earlier today both Slashdot and Digg have had articles promoted to their front pages that cover the story of the Fake Steve Jobs being threatened by Apple over “trade secrets”. There have been several posts on Fake Steve’s blog, and the entire thing has been played out like it is real. Fans have gotten riled […]

Boomwave releases super-cute ‘Nanopet’ iPod Nano cases

Boomwave has introduced their new line of sickeningly cute iPod Nano cases. They come in White, Orange, Black, and Pink, and have floppy ears and a little tail. Like I said, sickeningly cute. The little cases are only $15.90, and come with a neck strap and a protective screen to keep your little nano pets […]

Bill Clinton – Former President, Current iPhone User

TUAW reader B. Ioffe recently met former President Bill Clinton and found out that he is an iPhone user. Apparently Steve Jobs hooked him up. You would think that Al Gore would have been able to do that – but whatever. The image above is Ioffe’s iPhone, which he had signed by Clinton. I don’t […]

Smashing Pumpkins iTunes Exclusive coming Jan. 2nd

If you’re a Smashing Pumpkins fan, you probably got really excited when the band reunited recently. You probably got even more excited when they released their latest album, Zeitgeist, and you will probably get even more excited when you find out that they were releasing a 4 track exclusive ablum in iTunes on Jan. 2nd, […]

Coding Headstarts for Leopard now Available

If you’re looking for help developing an Application for Leopard, look no further than Apple’s own Dev Center. With introductory video, step-by-step lesson guides, and even sample code in an Xcode project, there Coding Headstarts will show you how to create new features in your apps using the latest additions to Leopard. You can view […]

Avaya brings enterprise level credibility to iPhone

It looks like the iPhone will be gaining a smidge of enterprise credibility in early 2008 when Avaya launches their Avaya one-Xâ„¢ Mobile for the device. The one-X mobile system basically allow iPhone users to make it their personal remote control for their enterprise communications. The service includes access to visual voicemail, corporate directories, and […]

R.I.P. – Think Secret – 1998 – 2007

Think Secret was, at one time, THE Apple Rumors site. If you’re new to the online world, of if you’ve only been reading the Apple sites for a few years, its possible that you never really checked out Think Secret. Over the last few years the site has diminished because of a lawsuit filed against […]