Software Spotlight: Desktopia

Desktopia is a great little freeware application for those of you that can’t help but constantly change your desktop background. Desktopia takes it to a whole new level, making your background change throughout the day. It’s bundled with a backgrounds to get you started, but you can customize it however you like. For example, you […]

What do you want to see on Apple

As we approach December, it’s a time of year that is very bad for technology news. Most, if not all, of the new products that are going to be released have been released, and there is going to be a drought of news over the next month or so, until the Macworld 08 rumors start […]

The Evolution of the Mac and Windows Desktops

Gizmodo has posted a very large image of the evolution of both the Mac and Windows Operating Systems. It’s interesting to see how much (and in some cases how little) things have changed from update to update. You can click here to check out the large version of the image and get a good look […]

Orange iPhone Data Plans Revealed

The iPhone is coming to France on Nov. 29th, and the data plans from Orange have been revealed. 49€/mo Plan: – 2 hours + 2 (late evening or week-end) hours of voice calls: – 50 SMS – 10 hours of Orange Wifi – Unlimited VoiceMail, E-Mail and data 59€/mo Plan: – 3 hours + 3 […]

Apple “Black Friday” Sales posted

TUAW has posted the Apple store sales for Black Friday’s day of shopping madness: MacBooks: Up to $101 off iMacs: Up to $101 off iPod Shuffle: $68 ($11 off) iPod nano: from $138 ($11 off) iPod classic: from $228 ($31 off) Airport Extreme: $158 ($21 off) Airport Express: $88 ($11 off) Wireless Mighty Mouse: $58 […]

Reports online of Macbook/Macbook Pro Leopard Keyboard problems

According to Apple Insider some Macbook and Macbook Pro users have been plagued with a keyboard problem since upgrading to Leopard. The problem causes the keyboard to simply become unresponsive at random intervals, while the trackpad and/or mouse (if you have one connected) continue to function normally. I’ve had Leopard on a Macbook Pro for […]

T-Mobile Germany offers iPhone without Contract…for $1,500

Well, the situation in Germany is getting more interesting by the day. To comply with the court injunction, T-Mobile is offering the iPhone without a contract and all it will cost Germany consumers is 999 euros (that’s $1,477). SO – who’s ready to get out there and drop that kinda money for an iPhone. Anyone? […]