Software Spotlight: Quay

If you’re a Leopard user and preferred the hierarchical popup menus from Tiger, then you’re going to want to check out Quay. Quay menus run right inside the dock, and bring back the old pop up hierarchical menus along with several new features. The application is built in Cocoa, and does not hack the Dock […]

Do we need a mini-disk Adapter from Apple?

A patent discovered by AppleInsider reveals plans for a mini-disk adapter that would allow companies to distribute media on smaller disk formats and still have them load in Apple slot-load disk drives. One of the problems with using slot drives is that you typically can’t insert mini-disks or disk that have been cut into a […]

Looking for Software to Spotlight

One of the things that was made clear through comments and emails, is that you guys want more Software Spotlights. So, I’ve been hunting around, looking for the best indy Apple software to showcase on the site. I could use your help, though. If you know of a great app that I haven’t featured on […]

AT&T promises as 3G iPhone next year

At a meeting of the Churchill Club in Santa Clara, California AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said “You’ll have it next year,” in response to the “when will we get a 3G iPhone” question that I’m sure he gets weekly (if not daily). He could not further elaborate on speed, price, or exact time of release, […]

Malcor was a Hoax – Did the Mac Heist team go too far?

So, there was this hacker named Malcor that was hijacking Apple websites that were too “fanboi”. (Yeah, I can’t believe I just spelled it that way either.) It got the digg community all a twitter, and it caused quite a stir in the Apple online community. It’s the kind of thing that gets people riled […]

XtremeMac unveils Verona leather case line

XtremeMac has unveiled their latest case offerings for iPod Touch, iPod Classic, and the new 3G iPod nano. The leather cases are hand-crafted and include a soft interior lining. The Verona Flip cases for iPod touch and iPod classic are folio style cases that offer complete protection and include an integrated leather wrapped belt clip. […]

The iPhone comes to France – for a variety of prices

Of all the places that the iPhone has gone on sale, I think France is – by far – the most interesting. Orange, who has the “exclusive” contract with Apple (but it’s hardly what I would call exclusive at this point) is reporting that over 50,000 users have already placed orders for Apple’s revolutionary phone…but […]

Software Spotlight: Candybar 3

Iconfactory and Panic bring you the latest version of their awesome Candybar software. This is THE BEST icon changer for Mac…EVER. At least, Candybar 2 was…now Candybar 3 kicks it up a notch by adding Dock customization and integrating Pixadex 2 right into the Candybar application This is the easiest way to manage and change […]