First the Apple Store is down – now my .Mac Mail won’t work!

Somebody over at Apple HQ needs to quit randomly pulling plugs. Earlier today the Apple Store went down for no real reason. Now, my .Mac Mail won’t work – and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. Is anyone else having this problem? You know, the Gmail account that I DON’T […]

Don’t get excited – but the Apple Store’s down

Thanks for the emails guys. It looks like the Apple store is down as of 12:45 CST. It’s probably nothing to get excited about, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for there to be any new products this close to Christmas – but you never know. Update: The store is back up – […]

Image: Jobs at home in 1982

Diana Walker is a photographer who has worked for the White House for five presidential administrations. She has a new book called “The Bigger Picture”. The book features photographs of “the world’s major movers and shakers”. One photo in the book, is the one pictured above. Showcasing Steve Jobs’ apartment in 1982. The quote that […]

DLO launches Action Jacket for iPhone

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, also known as DLO, began to ship a sports ready case for both 4 and 8 Gb iPhones. DLO describes it as “a workout-ready neoprene case that protects your iPhone – and still allows you to take in-coming calls – while you sweat in style”. The case is crystal clear, and still […]

Rumor Rant: It’s a Macbook – NOT a sub-notebook

I’m not a psychic, and I don’t have any inside information. I can’t tell you for sure what’s going to happen at Macworld anymore than anyone else can…but I have a strong gut feeling that all these sub-notebook rumors are off. Sure, it gets people going to the rumor sites. Sure, it gets people excited […]

YouTube Find: Get a Mac – “Santa Claus”

The latest “Get a Mac” ad is now online, and it’s awesome. I loved those old Rankin-Bass classics, and this little nod to them is the best holiday “Get a Mac” ad thus far… Click here to check it out in higher resolution on