OT – I’m sick.

Just a note, I have a virus and I’m really sick. Updates will be minor today, but I hope I can get Apple Gazette Daily Ep 150 completed this afternoon.

O2 activates 8,000 iPhone Users on Launch Day

O2 was very excited about the iPhone launch day last Friday. The company activated 8,000 iPhones – which is 3 times what they anticipated according to Ars Technica. That number seems low, of course, compared to the US launch as well as the German launch (on the same day). There is no telling when we’ll […]

Apple posts 3 New “Get a Mac” Ads

The Mac vs. PC ads are back for the Holiday Season, and late last night Apple posted 3 new entries into the series on Apple.com. Two of the ads, PR Lady and Podium, take some serious jabs at Vista…and I’m afraid their going to come off as pompous. I think their funny…and true…but I’m not […]

Reuters and the German iPhone Report

Reuters published an article today claiming that the iPhone has “failed to grip Germany” based on the fact that only a few hundred people waited out all night to get their hands on them. They also go on to state that “Almost all the people lining up to buy the phone were men.” and “Away […]