Safari 3 Beta Update for Windows

If you’re one of those few people that are interested in using Safari on Windows, then you’ll probably be interested to know that the Beta has been updated. The update is up to version 3.0.4 and you can now resize the window from any side, and there are new hot key settings and font smoothing […]

Apple Releases Final Cut Express 4 for $199

Apple today announced Final Cut Express 4, the latest, and most affordable addition to the Final Cut family…and the reason for iMovie ’08s radically different way of editing becomes clear…. Final Cut Express appears to be a powerhouse of an application that will stand heads and shoulders above iMovie HD, and will be probably end […]

Guest Post – Make a Complete switch, not just a switch

When I called for Guest Posts a few weeks ago, I had no idea what that week was going to bring me. It brought me some great articles, and it also brought an accident to my family that took me away from the site for several days. During that time, I got the following post […]

Apple introduces Bento – from the creators of FileMaker

Apple is apparently really excited about Bento. They don’t often showcase new software from third parties through their own press release RSS feeds, but today, that’s exactly what they did. Here’s the blurb: Designed specifically for Mac OS X Leopard, Bento offers one place to put your important information, including: contacts, calendars, projects, and events. […]

Free in iTunes – Mythbusters Full Episode

Mythbusters has been one of favorite shows for the last few years. If you’ve never checked it out, now you have the chance to do so for free. In each episode the Mythbusters tackle a variety of “myths” ranging from ancient legends to Hollywood stunts, and determine whether or not they could actually happen. While […]

GameBoy App for iPhone

I don’t normally post about iPhone Apps because I’m not into the whole hacking thing…but I’ve gotten quite a few emails about this one (and its a slow news day) so here it is. The Gameboy App for the iPhone. If you have a hacked iPhone you can now play a number of Gameboy games, […]

VIDEO: Top 5 “Get a Mac” Ads

The “Get a Mac” ad campaign has been one of the longest running in Apple’s history. Since its beginning Apple sales have never been higher, and while I don’t think these ads are solely to credit for this success, they have generally well received, and a usually pretty funny. After seeing the latest 3 ads […]