Your Favorite Magazines. Now on your iPhone. For Free.

Zinio is a service that has been around for a few years. They provide your favorite magazines in a digital format for viewing on your PC or Mac. Now, they have extended that service to the iPhone, and unlike their downloadable offerings…they’re online magazines are completely free. iPhone users can click here to check it […]

HUGE Collection of iPhone Comic Book Inspired Wallpapers

If you’re a fan of comics (like me), and a fan of the iPhone (like me), you’ll probably dig these great wallpapers posted on Flickr. This guy has posted a massive collection of iPhone wallpapers featuring Marvel, DC, Independent, and (I assume) original creations in a variety of styles. Even if you don’t have an […]

Have you ever had this problem with your iPhone?

My wife’s iPhone is acting strangely. It’s not playing any sounds at all through the speaker – except the Ringtone when someone calls. No keyboard clicks, no music, no audio from video files…and everything is turned on. When she plugs in headphones, everything sounds fine…but when she’s not using the headphones all is silent. She […]

Apple fixes iMac “freeze” issue with Graphics Firmware Update

Those of you that have been having freezing problems with your new iMacs can rest easy. Yesterday Apple released “iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0”, which corrects the freezing problem on 20 and 24inch iMacs with 2600 PRO graphics processors. According to MacRumors forum members this update is the real deal, and fixes the freezing problem […]

AG Downloads: Apple Gazette Daily Widget

There are two brand new ways for you to enjoy Apple Gazette Daily starting today. 1) The Apple Gazette Daily Dashboard Widget – I’m no great programmer, but thankfully, because of Dashcode, I don’t have to be. If you want easy access to every episode of Apple Gazette Daily right in your Dashboard you can […]

Has Apple forgotten about the AppleTV?

I have a lot of Apple devices in the house. Several iPods, a few iPhones, and a desktop and notebook Mac. Each of them has been recently updated by Apple in one way or another…be it bug fixes or even a brand new OS. All of them…except that one, thin (extremely warm) little box that […]