Cardboard Boombox or functioning iPod Speaker System? Why not BOTH!

This “build it yourself” cardboard Boombox is a very unique addition to the iPod accessories market. This 80s styled boombox is a fully functioning set of external speakers. It comes mailed to you flat, and you have to construct it yourself, but when you’re done you have something that resembles and 80s styled boom box […]

Leopard kinda sorta maybe ready for launch…maybe…sort of….

Yesterday AppleInsider reported that Leopard was ready for launch because employees were being trained on the product…later in the day Mac Rumors chimed in stating that Apple had yet to certify a version of Leopard as “Gold”. Me thinks they best hurry it up already. Leopard is scheduled to arrive in October 2007. You know, […]

You Knew it was Coming…The Golden iPhone

That’s right…if they’re selling diamond studded iPod Shuffles, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make a golden iPhone…and that time has come. Pocket Lint reports that the 24 carat gold iPhone will be sold by Goldstriker later this month, for an undisclosed price. I’m sure you’re lining up already…

Dumbest Lawsuit Yet – Man sues Apple over iPhone “bricking”

This is one of those stories I glanced by yesterday, and just completely missed. This is phenomenally stupid. A California man has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple over bricking iPhones with their new software update…which, of course, there have been no confirmed reports of actually happening. Think about that…this man is trying to […]

iPhone eBooks from is one of my favorite websites…well, pretty much ever. I love that they provide an easy and cost effective method for people to publish their own work in a professional way. It opens up the world of print to a variety of genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub genres, that might never see the light of […]

iPhone Product Placement: Journeyman

So the iPhone is almost a character on NBC’s Journeyman (the irony is beautiful). In the video below you can see the many ways that the iPhone helps the lead hero establish where is, and get information from some cheap Google clone. That’s the funniest, however, is how the phone the guy is holding in […]

Pic: Couch Made entirely of Mac IIs

If I had 20 Mac IIs just laying around, I would totally do this. There’s not much more to say about it other than it is simply 20 Mac IIs that a computer store had laying around in the back that they converted into what is possibly the most uncomfortable piece of furniture in history. […]