Apple lets Leopard ship date slip this weekend?

Apple briefly made a mistake on their site yesterday, saying that OS X Tiger would ship on October 26th, instead of “within 24 hours”. October 26th has been a long rumored release date for the product, but the only problem is that Leopard has yet to be certified Gold as far as we know. With […]

Canada iPhone Trademark Troubles

A Canadian company called Comwave Telecoom Inc, is claiming trademark rights to the name “iPhone”. In Canada, at least. This is yet another roadblock for potential Canadian iPhone owners. The company has filed a complaint against Apple with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office over Apple’s attempt to obtain the trademark in Canada. With this news, […]

Microsoft Patent copies iPhone UI

You know, Microsoft has a history of looking at Apple stuff – saying “hey, I just got a great idea!” and starting the photocopiers. The biggest Microsoft fanboy in the world can’t even deny that fact…but they will always point out the whole Xerox thing (which even the biggest Apple fanboy can’t deny)… My point? […]

iPhone 1.1.1 problems – I’m having them – are you?

Ever since the iPhone 1.1.1 update, I’ve been having problems with my iPhone. My wife has too. So has Drew from TVJab. That’s officially everyone I know with an iPhone besides you guys. So, it’s time for me to ask – are you having problems with your iPhone? Here’s what’s happening to us: Ever since […]

Mac Office 08 take a page from iWork – Publishing Layout View

Ars Technica has posted a preview of Mac Office ’08s Publishing Layout View, a new feature of Word in Mac Office 08 that…well…looks exactly like Pages to me. According to the article’s writer, Publishing Layout View “blows Pages 3 away” – but as easy as Pages 3 is to use, and as great as the […]

So you want Games in OSX? Go make them with Unity 2.0

Unity is a spectacular piece of software that has received a major upgrade this week. For those of you not aware, Unity is an extremely powerful cross platform game creation tool. The update include over 50 new features including the ability to play video files as textures on any surface, performance improvements, Direct X 9 […]

YouTube Find: Jailbreak for iPod Touch Tutorial Video

If you’re all about Jailbreaking your iPod Touch, this 20 minute tutorial will show you how to do it – but let me warn you now, it probably ain’t gonna last, and you have to get deep into the Command line to get it done…so I don’t recommend it at all. Here is part one. […]