Apple quietly announces iTunes Plus Price Drop

How does a company quietly announce something? Well, yesterday afternoon articles from Macworld appeared on Yahoo claiming that Apple has dropped the price of its iTunes Plus songs from $1.29 to $.99 cents. The songs will remain at the 256kbps AAC format, and on top of all of that, over 2 million songs from independent […]

Flower Power iMac named one of the Ugliest Tech Products Ever

PC World recently wrote an article naming some of the ugliest Tech products ever…and the flower power iMac made the list. If you take a look at it, it’s a hard point to argue. That thing is hideous. It came towards the end of the first iMac’s life cycle, and was released with what I […]

Orange Officially named iPhone Partner in France

Apple just released another press release today. This one officially announces a partnership between Orange and Apple in France. Orange will be the exclusive provider of the iPhone when it launches in France on November 29. The 8Gb iPhone will cost €399 including V.A.T. for any subscription to one of the dedicated rate plans. “We […]

All 300+ Leopard Features on one page

Apple has a page on their official site now that covers every single one of the 300+ new innovations of OSX Leopard. The page reveals some new .Mac syncing such as the Dock and the Dashboard, tabbed chat in iChat, photo browsing in Mail, video recording in Photobooth, multi-page PDF creation in Preview…and literally hundreds […]

Apple Officially Announces Leopard will ship on the 26th

This morning Apple issued a press release officially announcing OSX Leopard. The software will go on sale October 26th at 6 pm at all Apple stores, or you can pre-order it online right now. If you pre-order the software you will get free delivery, and it will be delivered on the 26th (so there’s no […]

RUMOR: iTunes Plus to expand and get cheaper!

Ars Technica reports that we should be hearing some big news about iTunes Plus today. We haven’t heard much about them since EMI’s last report that they were “selling well”, but the rumor is that today Apple will not only expand the iTunes Plus program to include several indy labels, but they will also drop […]