YouTube Find: Apple “Serious Business” Ad

You guys know I’m a big fan of watching old Ads. I post them all the time. This one is from Apple’s “dark ages” – yup 1995…during that period where it looked like Apple might not make it. I actually like the ad, but it really shows how the people at Apple just didn’t “get […]

Bootcamp Beta no longer Available for Download (Publically, anyway)

If you haven’t downloaded the Bootcamp Beta yet – then you’re out of luck. no longer takes you to a Beta download page, now it simply redirects you to the Leopard Bootcamp feature page. Don’t worry though, your Windows partition isn’t about to stop working, the only thing that’s going to expire is the […]

Dilbert and the iPhone

You know sometimes (like on a really slow news day) it’s nice to kick back and laugh at ourselves as we are lovingly mocked in comic strips. Today’s Dilbert strip is both frighteningly true, and also pretty darn funny. Before the internet became my job, the internet often kept me from my job…and sometimes it […]

Apple still wants to charge for iTunes Plus upgrades

I clicked on the iTunes Plus box this morning to check out some of the new music that’s available from those Indy labels Apple reported they were adding. I didn’t get that far though, because I was immediately met with a large ad to “Upgrade My Library”. It turns out I have 8 tracks that […]

News and Notes about Apple’s 4th Quarter Sales

You can read the full press release from Apple regarding their 4th quarter financial results right here. Some interesting notes from the sales call: Apple is not pursuing a further relationship with Circuit City, and is instead focusing on Best Buy, where they hope to have a total of 270 mini-stores inside the retailer very […]

Video: What the iPhone SHOULD look like this time next year

This (presumably hacked) iPhone has multiple pages of icons, and features Leopard-like Stacks as well. This, to me, is exactly where we should be seeing the iPhone going after Apple releases the SDK for it early next year. Right now it’s complete speculation on just how the SDK will work, and if everyone will be […]