Let Apple Gazette Guest Week BEGIN!

This week we’re going to have some guest posts here at Apple Gazette. I won’t be going anywhere…I’ll still be posting, and the podcast will still be daily (except for Tuesday, when I will be out of town). There will be at least one guest post a day during the week, assuming everyone gets theirs […]

Review – Mac OSX 10.5 – Leopard

Apple’s latest OS update is here. It’s name is Leopard – but you probably already know that. The latest version of OSX features a number of upgrades and enhancements – the question is, are those updates and enhancements worth your $129. Hmm…let’s take a look and see. Installation First things first, you have to install […]

Looking for Guest Posts – Anyone Interested?

So, today is going to be kind of a weird day here. I’m not going to spend 24 hours reminding you of the features of Leopard, or post 100 screenshots of the System Preferences menu, instead, I’m going to install Leopard as soon as it arrives, and tell you how that works, both on a […]

Apple Gazette Daily 145 – Leopard has SHIPPED and MORE!

Leopard on the way…but missing a few little features. Plus more! You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. In addition to that, you should be able to play every episode of the podcast directly in your browser by using the widget which is now […]

iPhone Dev Center is Live! (and it’s all about web apps, baby!)

Yesterday afternoon Apple sent out an email to developers announcing the iPhone Dev Center. If you’re looking to develop for the iPhone with web based application this center has everything you need to get your started. Video instruction, sample projects, and countless other resources are yours, and it’s completely free to sign up for and […]

Video Find: Mossberg reviews Leopard

I’ve begun to look forward to Walt Mossberg’s Apple reviews. He doesn’t come off as a fanboy (which no one at a paper as high up the latter as the Wall Street Journal ever should…on ANY subject, in my opinion), but he obviously appreciates Apple products. Here’s his take on the “evolutionary – but not […]