iPhone Extreme wording found in HTML Code

Holy smokes, some of us have more time on our hands than others, don’t we? I kid…but seriously, Tom at iPhoneBugList was looking through the HTML code of Apple’s site for a way to submit bug reports – or something – and he stumbled across the following: While it’s really odd that “iPhone Extreme” is […]

Pixar Trailer: Wall-E

Pixar is like Apple’s cousin who’s really made something of himself. The kind of cousin you want to make sure gets invited to the family gatherings. With that in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to post the just released trailer for Pixar’s latest effort, Wall-E. This one really looks like it […]

Why do we (Apple Users) NEED the Zune so bad?

It’s rumored that the new Zune may launch today. Who cares? Well…we do, for some reason. If you go looking around the Apple blog-o-sphere, you’ll see Zune related posts on every single blog. Now, I know you’re going to say it’s because the Zune is a rival MP3 Player and is, thus, worth covering. But […]

Starbucks/Apple Tag Team Officially Rolls out Today

Yesterday was the launch of the Starbucks/Apple partnership in NYC. Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz was there, along with Apple iTunes VP Eddy Cue and musical guest John Legend. It was a big deal. I know you’re sorry you missed it. Today, however, is the official launch of the partnership in more than 600 stores in […]

Are we ever going to go back to talking about the Mac?

As I look over the last few months worth of posts – I am astounded by the number of iPhone related articles. There’s good reason for that of course. The iPhone is all we’ve had that’s worth talking about. The new iMac is great and all – but what does it look like? An iPhone. […]

Yahoo wants you to know they are ALL OVER the iPhone

Yahoo wants you to know they are all over the iPhone. They have launched a mobile flash page (ironically – one that you won’t be able to view on the iPhone) that tells you all about the things they do on the iPhone – from the stocks and weather widget – to adding your Yahoo! […]