RUMOR: iPhone’s Safari to get Offline Storage…maybe more…

Ars Technica reports that while the iPhone SDK will be staying web based for the foreseeable future, the iPhone’s Safari may be getting offline storage ala Google Gears. Perhaps, even icons on the home page. While some will still complain that there are things you can’t write in Ajax or other web based code, I […]

Leopard “Notes” will sync with iPhone

Apple Insider is reporting something that is going to make my day…you know, whenever Leopard is released…It appears that Notes in Mail 3 will sync with the iPhone, and presumably, vice versa. This would be a great help to me, since I constantly take notes on the iPhone, and I get tired of emailing them […]

Quick Tip: Change your Screenshot Shortcuts

I was talking to a friend who is still a newbie to the Mac last night, and he was upset that there is no “Print Screen” button on the Mac. So I walked him through how to take a screen shot, and he shot back with “man that’s an ugly shortcut” or something to that […]

iPhone Activation is down

For some reason iPhone activation is down right now, and if you need to activate or restore your iPhone – Apple is telling you to wait until tomorrow. The Apple Store was also down tonight for no apparent reason. These are very odd happenings in Cupertino, but I don’ think it means anything significant update […]

5 Free iTunes TV Shows – Season and Series Premieres

It’s that time of year when networks are vying to get our eyeballs on their latest shows. Either brand new series, or returning shows – it doesn’t really matter, they want us watching. This year, a number of networks have opted to put season or series premieres in iTunes to drum up more viewers. Here […]

iStones – you guessed it, iPod Docks made of Stone

Yup – these are stones…that have been converted into iPod Docks. What else can you say? I have no info on pricing – but if this was modestly priced, I’d want one. You can check out the official site of Brand Incubator, the makers of the iStones, right here.

Another “Designer” iPod Shuffle

I don’t understand the extremely expensive “fashion” iPod Shuffle market…do these things really sell? This latest one is from Brighton, UK, jeweler John Harrington. It’s laser etched, it features 5 tiny diamonds, and will cost you $600. If you want to buy one, you can click here – but please don’t. Buy 6 of these […]

Widget Watch: Interdimension Media releases MyTube

I haven’t used my Dashboard in a while. In fact – I hardly ever use the Dashboard at all. Still, sometimes a cool widget comes my way, and I like to pass it along. My Tube is such a widget. Interdimension Media has released this bad boy, and what it does is provide browsing, searching, […]