New iPhone Ads remind me of the “Switch” Campaign

These new iPhone ads that Apple posted last night are personal stories from individuals talking about the various things that are awesome about their iPhone. One guy talks about how he only has to carry one device now, another guy talks about how visual voice mail is one of the greatest inventions in the history […]

Does OS X NEED to be a hardcore gaming Platform?

Earlier today I wrote about the whole Bungie situation that happened over the weekend. There was also another video game related Apple article that made the rounds this weekend. It stated that Apple didn’t want to pay Valve $1 million dollars to port Half-Life to the Mac. There is an interesting discussion on Digg (as […]

Apple confirms iMac freeze problem

Late last week Apple acknowledged the growing problem with new iMacs freezing. As of yet, I still haven’t recieved a report from a single Apple Gazette reader that this is problem…but I have recieved almost two dozen responses from users who aren’t having problems. That doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue of course, I thought […]

RUMOR: Steve Jobs says Calender Updates to iPod Touch are coming

A post appeared on the Mac Rumors forums this weekend that is supposedly a transcript of an email correspondence between the poster and whoever answers Steve Job’s [email protected] email address. Of course, this type of thing is easily faked, but the poster has a long history with the site, and has posted over 6,000 times, […]

Man has an almost unbelievable Mac Collection

Gizmodo posted and article yesterday that you’ll probably want to check out. It’s an interview with James Savage, a man who has more than 150 Macs in his house…and every single one of them is working. From his Apple II+ to the latest Macbook Pro. This article has a ton of pictures of his set […]

Apple Gazette is 1 year old!

The very first post on Apple Gazette was posted October 6th, 2006. So, officially its tomorrow that is Apple Gazette’s first published birthday…but I wrote the first article on the 5th. SO – I’m calling this Apple Gazette’s first birthday! To celebrate…I’m taking my mother to the airport. Yeah…seriously. So, I’m not going to be […]