How should Apple Gazette look on your iPhone?

So, there’s a plugin for WordPress that will make it so that when you visit a WordPress site, it is optimized for the iphone. I’ve debated installing this plugin for the site to give you a cleaner experience when using your iPhones – but I REALLY like seeing the full design on the site when […]

New iPod Touch Ad created by student

Apple fan Nick Haley really liked the iPod Touch…so he made this commercial at home using elements from and Final Cut Pro… Apple liked it so much, that they gave Nick a call, then a plane ticket, and he got to fly out and help make a broadcast version of the commercial which will […]

Guest Post: How to Put Leopard on your PC in 3 Easy Steps

This is a guest post on Apple Gazette. It is part of a week of guest posts from a variety of bloggers and frequent Apple Gazette commentors. The thoughts and opinions expressed in these guest posts is not necessarily that of Apple Gazette. First I would like to thank dear Michael for hosting my guest […]