Review – Gear 4 StreetParty Size Zero

The StreetParty Size Zero is the latest iPod Accessory offering from Gear 4. This highly portable dock/speaker system sleekly designed, and just might be the perfect traveling companion for your iPod. The first thing I noticed when I opened the StreetParty Size Zero (which is kind of a mouthful to say over and over again) […]

Apple Sells its 1 Millionth iPhone

Apple today announced that after only 74 days they have sold their 1 Millionth iPhone. No doubt, there has been a large increase in sales since the price drop announcement last week, this can’t be anything but good news for Apple. “One million iPhones in 74 days-it took almost two years to achieve this milestone […]

iPhone outsells all other Smart Phones in July

Research group iSuppli reports that the iPhone outsold all smartphones in the United States in July, which was its first full month on sale. To be clear, iSuppli is referring to the iPhone model vs. other phone models, not an entire line of phones – which for some reason was a source of confusion late […]

Introducing iRing – Free iPhone Ringtones for All

You can find iPhone ringtones by clicking right here. You’ll get a new ringtone every week. It’s pretty cool, and definitely worth checking out. Today, I’m very happy to introduce Apple Gazette’s very first piece of software. A very simple Automator built application based on this tutorial for converting AAC files into ringtones for the […]

Why the iTunes TV Shows NEED Tiered Pricing

Variety is reporting this morning that Apple wants to take the price of TV Shows in iTunes down to .99 cents and episode. They even claim that is the reason for NBC leaving iTunes. I think that’s a completely false for a variety of reasons — BUT — I think this brings up a good […]

More Bad News: Apple Locks out TV Out on iPod Classic and Nanos

I don’t know what’s going on in Cupertino, but these guys are treading on dangerous ground. You can only kick your customers so many times before they just leave. After enraging almost every iPhone early adopter in the world, today iLounge has another very upsetting discovery. Those new iPod Classics and iPod Nanos? Yeah…the video […]

35 (mostly) Essential Apps for your Mac

I don’t link to a lot of lists, but if you’re a new Mac user (and I know a few of you are), then you’ll probably want to check out this list from Freelance Some of the apps listed are redundant, and others will not apply to you if you’re not self employed, but […]