iTunes 7.4.2 is released – and it sucks

iTunes 7.4.2 is out. It sucks. Why? It kills the Ringtone work around, and even goes so far as to delete the Ringtones that you’ve made. Apple is getting an increasing amount of bad press for locking down iTunes, and the new iPods, and I have to say, I’m getting pretty sick of it. It’s […]

Apple UK Event Results

Well, here you go, the results to the Apple Special Event today in the UK…. # iPhone coming to the U.K. November 9th # Will cost £269 and be available from Apple Retail stores and the Carphone Warehouse. 8GB model, EDGE not 3G (so the same model as the US). iTunes WiFi Music Store will […]

Reminder Europe: Apple Event Today!

Yup, there is an Apple Event today happening at the following times: 11:00PM – Hawaii (September 17th) 2:00AM – Pacific 3:00AM – Mountain 4:00AM – Central 5:00AM – Eastern 10:00AM – London 11:00AM – Paris 6:00PM – Tokyo I’m in that Central time zone – and I will most likely be asleep when this even […]

iPod Touch Dissected

Want to take a look at the guts of an iPod Touch? Now’s your chance. The guys at iFixit have done it again, and ripped the new device to shreds, spilling it’s guts out, and photographing it for all the world to see. Click Here to take a look via TUAW

Why I’m happy with AT&T’s EDGE Network

So, this weekend I’ve been moving to a new home. I’m sure any of you that have done this can attest to how much fun it isn’t. For starters you have to move heavy things. You also have to turn off your electricity, phone, cable, internet, etc…and you have to have it hooked back up. […]

YouTube Find: Kevin Costner Apple Ad

Here’s an ad that I haven’t seen before. Released to promote Apple’s Lisa, this ad stars a young Kevin Costner in a performance that may be just as good as any he’s ever done in his career.

The iPhone will launch in France on Nov. 29th

TechCrunch France has the scoop on the launch of the iPhone in France. The price is 300 euros, and it WILL NOT be a 3G phone. It will be exclusively available through Orange France. The part that is really disappointing? There will be NO unlimited data plan available. That could get pretty pricey pretty quick. […]

Over 100 Games for your iPhone

The fine folks at have compiled a list of over 100 games that are designed for, or compatible with, the iPhone. There is no shortage of software for the iPhone, and these games are a perfect example of homebrew at its finest. Some of them are very polished, ready to be commercial games…others are…um…not. […]