EA Games are now in the Apple Store

Madden ’08 and Tiger Woods ’08 are now available in the Apple Store among several other EA games. The two ’08 games have hit for the Mac only a few weeks after their PC counterparts, which is good news for those who are enthusiastic about the future of gaming on the Mac. I know it […]

If there was an iToaster – this would be it

Does anyone remember when I made that joke about Apple making a Toaster? Yeah, I didn’t think so – but I did – and Steve left a funny comment on the post. Anyway, this little gadget is NOT and Apple made toaster…but darn it, if Apple DID make a toaster, I think it would look […]

Gear4 launches iVak case for iPhone

I haven’t been much on iPhone cases thus far. I just haven’t found any that I thought would be all that useful because the device is so strong by itself, but this new case from Gear4 looks pretty good. It keeps the same styling as the iPhone, while adding a built-in screen protector with full […]

Apple Announces iPhone in Germany also on Nov. 9th

Apple today announced that not only will the iPhone launch in the UK on Nov. 9th, but it will also launch in Germany on the 9th, via T-Mobile. T-Mobile Germany partnering with Apple on the iPhone is probably the worst kept secret in the world, since T-Mobile has seemed to slip up on more than […]

YouTube Find: Jobs Announces iPhone UK

Video of the UK only special event from yesterday has made its way onto YouTube. In it, you get a chance to see the first UK iPhone ads which are almost identical to the US ads, except they appear to feature different children in the email photos, a different site that I couldn’t quite make […]

Jobs Promises 3G iPhone in 2008

“You can expect a 3G iPhone later next year”…that sentence comes straight from the mouth of Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the “Mum is no longer the word” event which was held yesterday in London. When pressed about the lack of 3G in the current iPhone, Jobs cited the strain the chipset puts on the […]

Freeverse sale! – 30% Off Everything!

Normally I don’t write about a company giving discounts as news – but Freeverse is no ordinary company. From the great casual, and more hardcore, games they have created, to their great applications, Freeverse is one of the best developers for the Mac. My favorite product of theirs is Lineform. Lineform is a vector based […]