Pic: 40 iPod Nanos

Clicking around Digg this weekend I came across this pic. It’d make a nice desktop wallpaper if it was available in higher resolutions. You can find a slightly higher rez version here.

Register Now for Macworld 2008

Well, it’s getting to be that time again. You can now register for Macworld 2008 (so expect the rumors and predictions to start any day now). The event is happening in San Francisco on January 14 through the 19th, 2008. If you register before October 3rd you can get a free Exhibit pass (using Priority […]

Gold-Plated Macbook Pro joins the Luxury Apple Ranks

These insanely expensive “gold” versions of Apple products seem to be coming out of the wood work lately. This one, which comes to us via Crunchgear, is a Gold-Plated Macbook Pro. This one is actually much cheaper than the iPod Shuffle that we saw not too long ago. It only costs $1,500 over the price […]

Quick Tip: Watch Google Video on your iPhone

At first you might think Google Video is impossible to watch on your iPhone, since the iPhone doesn’t support Flash – but, surprisingly, it’s not hard at all. With this simple “trick” (is it even a trick?) you can watch any Google Video you want (that allows downloading) directly on your iPhone. Simply go to […]

ReplayTV introduces Personal HD Recorder

ReplayTV has unveiled its latest offering, a Personal HD USB Recorder for PC and Mac. The device is especially designed to easily format for all iPod models as well as the iPhone. The device will be available later this year for $100, and will include a one year subscription to the very same ReplayTV guide […]

Jobs gets subpoena in backdating case

Reuters reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been subpoenaed to give a deposition in a stock options backdating lawsuit against the company’s former general counsel Nancy Heinen. The subpoena is, apparently, not part of an SEC investigation. I’m sure Jobs is ready for this whole stock options back dating issue to be laid to […]

Ed Burns’ next movie goes straight to iTunes

I’m a big Ed Burns fan. I’ve loved his movies all the way back to The Brother’s McMullin. I’m not talking about everything he’s acted in – but the films that he’s written, directed and starred in. He has done some really great work, and I’m excited to see that his new film, Purple Violets, […]