Some NBC Shows appear in iTunes…Some Don’t.

There seem to be differing views online about what the addition of new NBC shows Chuck and Journeyman mean for the deal between Apple and NBC. It appears to me that NBC is getting its way – to a degree. After Apple decided to pull all new NBC shows, NBC came back a few hours […]

Pixelmator 1.0 is now Available

Pixelmator has been a mysterious application – it looks like it could be a great alternative to Photoshop for most Mac users…but very few have been able to test it – at least, until now. Pixelmator has been officially released, and you can download a demo version of the software by clicking here. I haven’t […]

Apple Stock closes at an All Time High

Loop Rumors reports that Apple’s shares closed at an All-Time high yesterday. Apple’s shares closed at $153.18 today after surging $4.90 or 3.3% reaching a new all-time closing high. The company’s previous 52-week high was set yesterday at $149.85 while its 52-week low is $72.60, set on October 11, 2006. If that shows you anything, […]

Starbucks to give away 50 Million iTunes Songs

Next week, the partnership between Apple and Starbucks begins – and to promote the new partnership, Starbucks is going to be giving away 50 million iTunes songs. The way the promotion will work is like this – Starbucks plans to offer its customers “Song of the Day” cards that can be redeemed through the end […]

Mac Office 08 Pricing and “Flavors” Revealed

TUAW has the scoop on the Mac Office 08 versions and pricing. It looks like we’ll be getting 3 versions to choose from (which, in my opinion, is two – possibly three versions too many). * Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac: This is the core version of the productivity suite which includes Word, Excel, […]

Leopard to exclude 800MHz systems

Apple Insider has a report that speculates that Leopard is getting too powerful for some older Mac models – namely the 800MHz PowerBook G4 (Titanium), 800MHz PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver), 800MHz iMac G4, 800MHz iBook G4, and 800MHz eMac. While these machines are ancient by some’s standards of computing age, there will be a small handful […]