We will be Live Blogging tomorrow’s Special Event! Bookmark Now!

Just a note to everyone…we’ll be Live Blogging the Special Event tomorrow at the usual place. You can bookmark our Live Section and join us for the event tomorrow at the following time: 10:00AM – Pacific 11:00AM – Mountain 12:00PM – Central 1:00PM – Eastern 5:00PM – GMT 6:00PM – London 7:00PM – Paris As […]

You Tube Find: Introducing the iPod Nano

So, everyone is pretty confident that we’re getting a refreshed iPod nano on Wed. In fact, if you look around, I’m sure you can find a photoshopped image on all the major tech blogs of what it might look like. But, instead of reposting that and spreading the rumor around further, I thought you might […]

NBC calls Apple a Liar and us all Pirates

NBC issued a statement to the press responding to Apple’s Press Release on Friday. “We never asked to double the wholesale price for our TV shows. In fact, our negotiations were centered on our request for flexibility in wholesale pricing, including the ability to package shows together in ways that could make our content even […]