Reader Feedback Request: Thoughts on the iPhone Price Drop

Ok…so, after only 2 months, the price of the iPhone drops to $399. That’s got to really ruffle some feathers of early adopters. I’ve already talked to a few that are absolutely steaming mad about this. I have to say, I can fully understand that…and I’d like to know what you think about it as […]

Reader Feedback: iPhone Ringtones

During the live coverage I asked readers to email me and let me know what they thought about having to pay twice for their ringtones. I received WAY more responses than I expected, and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to email me and tell me your thoughts on it. […]

“Beat Goes On…” Product Recap

Today Apple unveiled an entire new line of iPods as well as some new software for iPhone users and new features including Ringtones. The Ringtone Features include: Ringtone maker in iTunes. Rringtones including songs you already purchased, over 500,000 participating songs. Cost of ringtones: .99 cents. The new iPod line refresh started with the iPod […]

Apple Special Event Coverage Begins NOW!

Join us over in our LIVE Area for coverage of the Apple Special Event. After the event, I will also be posting a full recap of the products announced, hopefully with images that Apple is sure to release as soon as the event is over. Stay Tuned…it’s going to be an interesting day!

NBC Jumps into Rebound Relationship with Amazon after Apple Break-up

The NBC/Apple/Amazon love triangle is kind of funny. It’s all about television shows…and it’s kind of playing out like a poorly written television show itself. NBC is now going steady with Amazon because Amazon was willing to do all the things that Apple wasn’t…and to read it in their own words you’d think this whole […]

Review: Mophie “Bevy” for iPod Shuffle

When I first got the iPod shuffle, I couldn’t really imagine how accessory companies were going to make anything useful or interesting — case wise, at least — for the device. I’m happy to report that Mophie has managed to do just that with their “Bevy” case/keychain/bottle opener. I know, I know, that’s a lot […]