AOL releases new Mac software…and it only took 5 years

AOL has jumped into the new millenium, finally, and is doing its best to scrape away that tarnished image it has as an over-price ISP, and reinvent itself as a services provider. With that in mind, they have released a new beta version of their modernized software for the Mac. It’s called AOL Desktop. It […]

Thoughts on iPhone 1.1.1

So, I’ve been playing with this iPhone update for a while now – and I have to say, I’m mostly disappointed. Now, granted, I got myself hyped up, thinking that we might get the benefit of revolutionary features like Copy and Paste – but I find the iTunes Wi-Fi store disappointing…I don’t really see why […]

iPhone Update Now Available!

The new iPhone Update is now available. The download is 152 Mbs. I’ll update again as soon as it is complete, and we’ll take a look at the new features. UPDATE: The installation process, thus far, is not going well. The iPhone wouldn’t update after the download because of an “unknown error” and had to […]

Another iPhone IM alternative – Mundo

Mundo is another IM alternative application out there for those of you looking to Instant Message on your iPod Touch or iPhone. I tried it out last night, and I have to say it’s one of my favorites. The interface is slick and easy to use, I had no problems with the service getting up […]

The new Gateway One Looks strikingly familiar…

Now, before I even begin – I’m not bashing Gateway (although I bet some of you might). I like this machine. I don’t want one – because it’s going to run Windows – but it’s nice to have aesthetically pleasing computers on the market – and I applaud Gateway for giving it a shot…even if […]

Pink iPod Shuffle Available in Target

If you didn’t get a chance to get the Pink iPod Shuffle when it was a standard color, fear not – you can get one exclusively at Target for a limited time. A portion of the sales of these iPod Shuffles will be going to fight breast cancer. I’m not sure how much longer Target […]