More updates to .Mac, including enhanced Spam filtering

Yesterday evening, Apple sent out an email letting .Mac subscribers know the details of the new features of their .Mac accounts. In addition to the new .Mac Web Gallery for iLife ’08 users, and the 10 gig storage upgrades,  .Mac now features the following enhancements: More storage for trial members. To enhance your .Mac trial […]

Apple continues Guided Tours with iLife ’08.

Now on you can view a 20 minute guided tour of how iLife ’08 works and is used. This is very similar to the tours that Apple produced for the iPhone prior to its launch. Click here to view it online, or download it for your iPod or AppleTV.

Apple Town Hall Meeting Results

Ok, for those of you that didn’t follow the live coverage, here is a break down of what new products were launched at the Town Hall Meeting today. The new iMac was announced at the following price points: 20 inch $1199 and 24 inch $1799. Features include: Up to 1 Terabyte of storage. ATI Radeon […]