Boot Camp 1.4 Slips in under the Radar

With all the iMac, keyboard, iWork, and iLife hubbub last week, the release of the latest version of Boot Camp just sort of got lost in the crowd. Version 1.4 has been released and included the following updates: – Support for keyboard backlighting (MacBook Pro only) – Apple Remote pairing – Updated graphics drivers – […]

Go Ape’s Apple Tee Just Looks Awesome

It seems like good Apple graphic tees are hard to find. Usually you just get something like the genius’ wear in the Apple stores. Black. White text. Boom. Done. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there is a stunning lack of creativity when it comes to Apple themed t-shirts. So, […]

FLASHBACK: Complete NeXT System 4 Sale on Ebay

You can now get your hands on a Complete NeXT system, including printer, CD-Rom Drive, NeXT Cube, Monitor, and more on Ebay. The NeXT Sysyem, of course, is the computer that Steve Jobs and Co. developed after he was ousted from Apple in the 80s. The system is running, and looks like it’s in pretty […]

Software Spotlight: Simple Comic 1.4

If you’ve ever tried to read downloadable comics on your Mac you know it can be a little bit of a pain. There are programs you can buy to make it easier, and you can always unstuff the file, then load it into Previews, but that’s a pain too. Not anymore. Simple Comic has been […]

iPhone apparently 100% Unlocked

Apparently, the iPhone has been completely unlocked using a Turbo Sim Card. Testers say it will give you “full calling, SMS and GPRS data capabilities with any network” The hackers are claiming that this method doesn’t use card readers and it doesn’t depend on your previous card version either, so it doesn’t matter if it […]

Netflix coming to Mac in 2008

Steve, the developer of Netflix’s download service, gave Gizmodo some explanations about the selection of movies on the service, the reason for a lack of Mac support and so on… Basically Mac support is coming in 2008, and isn’t already here because Apple doesn’t license its DRM. (Of course, if you have Parallels or Fusion, […]

Apple Gazette Daily Ep 98 – iLife 08 Review and more

Read our complete iLife ’08 Review. iLife 08 Review (this episode recorded with Garage Band 3 and the quality sucks, btw – but I have it figured out, so it’ll be fixed tomorrow), Apple news and more! Special thanks to Richard for the new logo! New some design work done? Click Here to take a […]

Skype Now on your iPhone

Want to make cheap or free phone calls on your iPhone? Well, Skype is now available on the iPhone thanks to IM+. iPhone users can click here to check it out.