VIDEO: Mossberg reviews iWork ’08

Walt Mossberg has published a video review of iWork ’08, and I have to agree with most of his assessment. I didn’t find the word count or other writer’s features of Pages that hard to find…but not being a Microsoft Office user, I might just not know what I’m missing…other than that, I think he’s […]

Fusion Vs. Parallels – Fusion clear winner in Benchmark tests

cNet has taken every major option for running Windows on your Mac into the lab and benchmarked the results. What did they find out? For speed in virtualization, Fusion is the clear winner. I haven’t run extensive official benchmarks, but even I can tell you that Fusion is much snappier than Parallels when it comes […]

Apple wants your iPhone Story

Do you have an interesting iPhone Story? If so, Apple wants to know about it. You can click here to go to the official form, or you can just call 1-800-764-9941 and leave a voicemail. No doubt, this will play into a future marketing campaign for the iPhone.

New iPhone Ads on

There is a new round of iPhone ads running on TV and on Since AppleTV is my TV these days, I haven’t seen a commercial in a very long time, so if I’m late with this I apologize, but I believe at least a few of these have just started running. The four ads […]

iLife ’08 – Review

Of all the things I can do with my Mac, the iLife suite is one of the things that I love the most. Mainly because the applications are simple to use, and are a perfect way to introduce new users to the world of OS X. The iLife suite has always been a top notch […]