Buying Wal-Mart DRM-Free MP3s on your Mac – A Review

So, today Wal-Mart announced a couple of shockers. 1) They are selling MP3s – completely DRM-Free – from both EMI and Universal Music. 2) They’re encoded at 256Kbps. 3) They’re only $0.94 cents a song, or $9.22 an album. So, these higher quality, cheaper songs, will play on any player, including your iPod – so […]

Adobe adds H.264 support to latest Flash Player beta

Word has it that a new vesion of the Flash player will be available for download later today, featuring H.264 support and more. The new features include: * H.264 playback support. You might recall that Apple is a big proponent of H.264, which every video sold in the iTunes Store encoded in it, and working […]

The Man with 100 Macs

CNN has an image gallery up, showing off the collection of Jeremy Mehrle, a Mac collector with over 100 Macs in his collection. Highlights of said collection include a rare Lisa, and even a 20th Anniversary Mac. You can click here and view the entire gallery.

OT: Do you use Digg? Wanna be friends?

You know, I’m sure most of you are aware of The site is an insanely popular “social news” site that started the whole voting for news stories craze that so many other sites are emulating these days. It started out as tech news, but has since moved on to include entertainment news, videos, podcasts, […]

Apple History: The Evolution of the Apple All-In-One

Steve Jobs is a big believer in the All-In-One solution for computers. Apple has almost always had an All-In-One of some sort on the market since the very first model, the Lisa, hit the shelves in 1983. Below, you can see the evolution of this design from the Lisa all the way to the current […]

Microsoft Employee loves Boot Camp

Omar Shahine, a Microsoft Employee, and blogger – posted his thoughts on Boot Camp 1.4 this weekend. He’s very impressed with the improvements, including the use of the Apple Remote to control iTunes and Windows Media Player, as well as the on screen graphics that Apple has added for adjusting volume and ejecting disks. His […]

Handbrake 0.9 Released

If you’re a fan of Handbrake – the current regaining king to DVD ripping software for any platform as far as I can tell – then you’ll want to click here and grab version 0.9 of the software. This is a major update with a new UI, and the video quality has been improved through […]

YouTube Find: Woz the Car Salesman

Back in the 80s, The Woz appeared in this Datsun 280Z car commercial. According to Macenstein, this is the second best Datsun 280Z commercial ever. Click here to visit Macenstein and check out the BEST Datsun 280Z commercial ever.