iFuntastic V3 makes iPhone hacking easier than ever!

For all of you interested in hacking your iPhones, iFuntastic V3 has been released. These guys seem to be spending every waking hour they have on this thing. This is already the 3rd major release of the software, and it features a bevy of new features and improvements: •Support for installing apps via the file […]

Nokia openly copies the iPhone

Today, Nokia held a special event of their own, revealing their new lines of phones. One of the phones, which you can see in the video below – bares a STRIKING resemblance to the iPhone. When asked about the fact that this upcoming phone looks almost exactly like Apple’s iPhone, a Nokia Exec. responded, “If […]

It’s Official – Apple Special Event on Sept. 5th

Well, Apple has officially invited major press to a special event on September 5th. Already the speculation machine is getting out of control. Speculation ranges from the release of the rumored iPod Touch models, the release of The Beatles catalog on iTunes, all the way to Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple, Inc. The […]

Could iPhone hacker George Hotz face jail time?

I don’t talk a lot about hacking the iPhone here, but a big story this week has been George Hotz and the fact that he was the first to fully unlock the iPhone. I was reading an article over at Macenstein, and it brought up a good point. One of the questions about the unlocking […]

Random Thoughts: So is Apple behind Blu-Ray or not?

As I sit here reading a Macworld article about Apple and their rethinking of the DVD as the primary distribution medium for consumers, a small section of the article brushed over the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray format war, and it got me wondering…is Apple really behind Blu-Ray or not? Here’s why I ask… Apple is a […]

Online Comic Strip becomes game for Mac + other platforms

Penny Arcade, a wildly popular online comic strip, is taking their love of games to the next level, by actually producing a game based on the comic strips. The game wll be available as a download from the major conosles, and also on Windows, Mac, and Linux – the creators of Penny Arcade are making […]