Microsoft Office 08 pushed back to Macworld 2008 because it sucks.

Blaming Apple’s move to Intel based chips combined with Microsoft’s move to a new file format for Microsoft Office 2008, Microsoft has officially delayed Mac Office 08 until Macworld in mid-January 2008. “It really is just a quality issue across the board,” Craig Eisler, general manager of Microsoft’s Macintosh business unit, said in an interview […]

5 FREE OS X Apps every Blogger should have

I’m sure a large number of you have blogs. Even if you don’t, you’ll find these applications helpful. Regular readers of the site will recognize some of these applications as I have written about them before, but all 5 of them are extremely useful apps that any blogger will find helpful in increasing productivity and […]

HUMOR: MSN Hates iPods…who’s surprised?

How about a little fun on this extremely slow news day? This little bit, which I found here, is amusing, although I don’t know that it’s part of a giant conspiracy to degrade the iPod brand by Microsoft. Still fun, though.