YouTube Find: The First iMac

This is a big week (hopefully) where we’ll be spending a lot of time FINALLY talking about Apple COMPUTERS again. Which will be a nice change of pace (more on that later today). Everyone expects a new version of the iMac at the Townhall Meeting tomorrow, including me, so I thought it would be fun […]

First “True” 3rd Party iPhone App Developed by Hackers

Hackers have been hard at work on the iPhone since seconds after it was released. The video below, which I discovered via Gizmodo, shows the first truly native application for the iPhone. It is a Terminal emulator, which – by itself – isn’t terribly exciting, but the fact that they have managed to do this […]

SPECULATION/OPINION: Will the Mac ever be #1?

Next week we have a “Townhall Meeting”. It’s Mac focused. We’re going to be getting something new. I don’t know what exactly, and this article is not a speculative piece on what that might be, but when discussing the possibilities with a friend yesterday, the conversation shifted a bit, and it got me thinking about […]

Apple files interesting Multi-touch Patent

A new patent filing from Apple that was revealed today really strengthens the idea of multi-touch making its way into other Apple devices. You can see from the images above the multi-touch gesture dictionary that could be used for a variety of applications and products. I still hold out hope for an ultra portable iMac […]

30 Days of iPhone – Day 21 “iPhone 1.0.1”

So, Apple released an update to the iPhone. At first, it seemed like the update was just a few security issues and bug fixes, but there are also a few minor new features in here that are worth noting. For example, there is now a BCC option in the mail app. Also, the Passcode options […]