OT: Do you use Digg? Wanna be friends?

digg-logo.jpgYou know, I’m sure most of you are aware of Digg.com. The site is an insanely popular “social news” site that started the whole voting for news stories craze that so many other sites are emulating these days. It started out as tech news, but has since moved on to include entertainment news, videos, podcasts, and much more.

I’ve really started using Digg a lot recently. I’ve always visited the site, but only recently have I started digging lots of stories, submitting stories from a bunch of different sites, and getting into the whole “digg thing”. I know – I’m late to the party – but still…

Anyway, I’m enjoying Digg now that I’m actually using it for the same reasons most users are – to find interesting news. I’ve had my fair share of stories posted on Digg. Some submitted by myself, other submitted by readers – and it’s certainly fun to get those big spikes of traffic – but what’s much more fun about Digg is the Friends aspect of it.

By adding Friends you get to see what they’re digging, and what they think it interesting. I’ve added a handful of people, but I thought I would post a link here – since I talk to you guys more than anyone else – so if you’re digg users (or want to become digg users), then I can see what you’re digging, and vice versa.

Anyway, if you’re interested, click here to either join up, or add me as a Friend. It’ll be nice to see what the Apple Gazette Community is into…other than Apple.


Apple History: The Evolution of the Apple All-In-One

Steve Jobs is a big believer in the All-In-One solution for computers. Apple has almost always had an All-In-One of some sort on the market since the very first model, the Lisa, hit the shelves in 1983. Below, you can see the evolution of this design from the Lisa all the way to the current iMac.

To a lot of people, the All-In-One is the future of computing, but to Apple – it’s been a part of the family for almost 25 years.

1983 – Lisa


The Lisa was the first computer to introduce the world to the GUI. It will forever have a place in computer history for that – but it was not a success. The high price of the device (around $10,000) kept it out of reach for most businesses and consumers…when the Mac was released the following year, it sealed Lisa’s fate – but she will never been truly forgotten.

1984 – Macintosh


The Macintosh was the first compact All-In-One solution, and the first affordable computer to introduce the GUI to consumers. Unlike the insanely expensive Lisa, the Macintosh was price around $2,500 – putting it within the reach of businesses and consumers.

1986 – Macintosh Plus


The Macintosh Plus featured a slightly sleeker design, and the now famous Apple “platinum” (i.e. white) coloring. This Macintosh was much more expandable than the original model, and nice run, ceasing production in 1990.

1987 – Macintosh SE


Released at the same time as The Macintosh II, it’s non All-In-One cousin, the Macintosh SE further increased the ability to expand your Mac.

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Microsoft Employee loves Boot Camp


Omar Shahine, a Microsoft Employee, and blogger – posted his thoughts on Boot Camp 1.4 this weekend.

He’s very impressed with the improvements, including the use of the Apple Remote to control iTunes and Windows Media Player, as well as the on screen graphics that Apple has added for adjusting volume and ejecting disks.

His final conclusion?

“I think all my future PCees will be Macs.”

I have yet to install Windows via Boot Camp on my Mac because I need to clean up my hard drive before I’ll be able to – Omar has just convinced me to take the time to do it.

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Handbrake 0.9 Released

handbrake.jpgIf you’re a fan of Handbrake – the current regaining king to DVD ripping software for any platform as far as I can tell – then you’ll want to click here and grab version 0.9 of the software.

This is a major update with a new UI, and the video quality has been improved through new effects, filters and deinterlacing techniques. There is a total of almost 300 new enhancements to this version of Handbrake – including new iPhone settings to easily go from DVD to iPhone if you wish.