Contact Info for NBC: Let them know what you think!

Feeling shafted by NBC’s proposed $4.99 an episode price hike that got their new fall season kicked out of iTunes? Kevin Wick has been kind enough to look up the contact information for the NBC Executives that are key to getting this situation reversed. Amy Zelvin, NBC Universal Digital Media Communications, (212) 664-7436 [email protected] Joe […]

Apple Responds to NBC: By DROPPING the new Fall Season of NBC Shows!!!

Apple has just issued the following press release: Apple® today announced that it will not be selling NBC television shows for the upcoming television season on its online iTunes® Store ( The move follows NBC’s decision to not renew its agreement with iTunes after Apple declined to pay more than double the wholesale price for […]

Just what does the Command Symbol mean?

Have you ever wondered what Apple’s Command symbol actually means? Well I haven’t…it’s just never crossed my mind. Today, however, I came across this article via digg, that answers that very question. The site refers to the symbol as Symbol 25:18, and also notes that in pre-Columbian America it was associated with another symbol that […]

Apple’s Portable Marketshare still Rising…

It’s a great time to be an Apple user. Leopard is just around the corner, the iPhone is still buzzing the industry, and we’re on the verge of a slew of new iPod-related goodness at the next Apple media event. On the hardware front, things are looking extremely well too. More people are switching then […]

Leopard’s Text Edit icon has hidden “Easter Egg”

There are several “easter eggs” that have been discovered in Leopard so far…but this one is my favorite. The new Text Edit icon features the text from my favorite Apple ad campaign – the Think Different “Here’s to the crazy ones” poem. Cool stuff…