YouTube Find: iPhone – Will it Blend?

For those of you that are just plain sick of the iPhone coverage, this video should help vent some of that frustration. For those of you that have an iPhone or just can’t wait to get one, you’ll probably be impressed with how long the screen holds out…

30 Days of iPhone – Day 8

So, last night my Mother-In-Law stayed over at our house. She asked me to show her what the iPhone does. I showed her all the features of the phone and what it could do. Then she asked me how much it cost. I told her. Do you know what she said to me? “Why is […]

Apple Gazette Daily RETURNS! Episode 80 is LIVE!!

Well, I almost didn’t think it was ever going to happen, but the podcasting mess is finally worked out, and Apple Gazette Daily episode 80 is live! You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. In addition to that, you should be able to play […]

30 Days of iPhone – Day 7

Wow…had an interesting little freak out today. All of the sudden, right after I turned the power on, the iPhone icons started dancing around the screen for a few seconds, then a box came up with red text that said “checking connection…” a progress bar spun for a second, then it went away and everything […]

XtremeMac MicroPack – Review

The XtremeMac MicroPack is billed as a “super dock” for the iPod. Why? Because it’s a charger, a battery back up, a stand for viewing video, a splitter with multiple headset outs with individual volume controls for each, and a video out for watching your iPod videos on a television. So yeah…I think that qualifies […]

The Podcasting Woes Continue…

So, It all worked this weekend. I have the audio file on the Podcast feed to prove it. Then I recorded the show for today in Garage Band again. and it won’t export it. So, another show is down the tubes. I have downloaded Sound Studio, I have downloaded Fission, I have downloaded Ubercaster, and […]

OSX Quick Tip: Adding Keywords to your Photos

Adding Keywords to your Photos is an easy way to make them searchable, and easier to find. You can even search via Spotlight to find the images you’re looking for after you have attached keywords to them. To do it, you’ll need to be using Preview to look at your photos. Under the tools menu […]

iPhone Battery Replacement An Unwelcome Surprise…except that it’s not…

Consumer watchdog groups are interesting. It’s good that they exist, but more often than not, I just find them terribly annoying. While perusing Slashdot this morning, I found this story entitled “iPhone Battery Replacement An Unwelcome Surprise”. I’m still trying to figure out who, exactly, is supposed to be surprised…wasn’t it made very clear since […]