Day at the Beach? Make a Sand iPhone

So, you’re at the beach. You see some dude walking around with an iPhone, and scantily clad women are continually coming up to him and asking to see how it works. He is a hit with the ladies…you conclude it is because of his iPhone…you do not have an iPhone…so you think quickly…what’s the next […]

OS X Quick Tip: Advanced PDF Options

It’s very easy to save to PDF in OSX, but did you know there are advanced options that allow you to encrypt, compress, and even save the PDF as a Post Script file? Just open any program that allows you to Print, and select File>Print. In the lower third of the Print window you will […]

YouTube Find: The Simpsons mock the Newton

Well, this Friday sees the launch of The Simpsons Movie, and as a promotional tool they have dropped the price of the older DVD box sets. So this weekend I picked up the Season Six set, and in the episode “Lisa on Ice” I saw this bit. I quickly went to YouTube, did a search, […]

RUMOR w/ Video: 6G iPod UI revealed?

So there is a new rumor about the 6G iPod…and this time there is video backing it up. If this IS true, then the next iPod WILL NOT be a full screen, iPhone like device. It will keep the same 4×3 screen, and the clickwheel will live on. This actually makes a lot of sense […]

30 Days of iPhone – Day 15

This is the “anti-iPhone” day of the series. I am spending today NOT using the iPhone as much as humanly possible. Why? I’m trying to find out if my recent chronic eye strain is iPhone related, and thus far, it seems like it is a factor, but not the whole factor, because my head is […]

30 Days of iPhone – Day 14

I have noticed another problem with my iPhone and gmail. I don’t know who’s to blame for it, but for some reason my mail isn’t getting checked every 15 minutes like it should. I know at least one other iPhone owner who is having the same problem. I think of all theajor apps on the […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 85 is LIVE!

Apple Ties for 3rd in PC Sales, Apple Financials Reminder, Pimp out your iPhone, and do you have $19 grand laying around? How about an iPod Shuffle made out of Gold? You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. In addition to that, you should […]

30 Days of iPhone – Day 13

I kind of got off track with the whole Macbook Pro Battery adventure, then yesterday I had the lovely experience of my very first migraine headache. Good times. Now, however, it’s time to get back into the swing of things with the 30 Days of iPhone coverage. It never occurred to me when I decided […]