Software Spotlight: Dockables!

Dockables is a cool little freeware application, or series of applications I guess, that allow you to perform simple, but commonly used tasks, directly from your dock. You just drag the task you want (for example shutting down your mac, or hiding all of your open windows) into the dock. Click on it when you […]

30 Days of iPhone – Day One

So, After the initial shenanigans surrounding my iPhone, I was ready to get down to just using the thing, and the first day, I was really surprised how often I did actually use it…and I don’t mean just playing with it because it was new. I mean it was remarkably useful. My family and I […]

EDGE Network down Nationwide?

Word on the street is that At&t’s EDGE Network is down nationwide… The noise about this started on the Macrumors forum earlier today, and it was picked up by Digg just a little while ago. The Diggers have reported in several different states that the Edge network is down. I have been told by Drew […]

No Apple Gazette Daily Today – Audio Problems

After recording today’s podcast, I discovered the same audio issue that happened the other day. I don’t know if it’s the Mic or the software, but something isn’t acting right. I’m going to try and get it fixed this evening to have everything up and running tomorrow. The audio sounds very muffled, even though the […]

Idiot Spends $800 for Spot at front of iPhone Line

Drew from TV Jab sent me this link this weekend, and it was also posted over on Forever Geek today, but I have to post it here too. This is exactly what this woman deserves for trying to rip people off on eBay selling iPhones. Her plan was to go to the store and buy […]

Apple sells $297 Million in iPhones this Weekend

According to research firm Piper Jaffray (via TUAW) Apple sold about 500,000 iPhones between 6pm Friday afternoon and close of business on Sunday night. They also revealed that 95% of sales in major markets like San Francisco, New York and Minneapolis were for the 8 gig model. I can also attest to the fact that […]

OS X Quick Tip: Add Special Character Access to your Menu Bar

Accessing Special Characters on OS X (©, â„¢, £, ¢, ‰, Æ’, and so forth) can be done in a variety of ways, but if you use these special characters on a regular basis, you may want quick access to them through your menu bar. Here’s how you do it. Go to System Preferences>International then […]