30 Days of iPhone – Day 3

Well, I guess I’m going to have to live without Gmail, because I can’t seem to get it to work right, no matter what I do. It works fine on my notebook, and I even decided to bite the bullet and delete all 1,300 messages last night…but they kept coming back. I would delete one, […]

Software Spotlight: LiteIcon

I love the guys at Iconfactory, and their CandyBar software is the best way to switch icons on your Mac. They also have some amazing collections of icons as well, so check them out. If, however, you’re looking for a free alternative to CandyBar, you may want to check out LiteIcon. LiteIcon is freeware, and […]

iPhone Quick Links for 7/5/07

There are a variety of interesting links up this morning in relation to the iPhone. Instead of filling the site with more iPhone coverage all day, I decided to just to a little quick linking…. There is a rumor that T-Mobile has won the bid to release the iPhone in Germany on Nov. 1 at […]

Apple files for Multi-touch mouse patent

Fueling the flames of speculation that those much desired multi-touch features will make their way into the next generation of Mac notebooks and desktops, Apple has filed for a patent for a “mouse with optical sensing surface.” This buttonless pointing device could sense the position of your fingers for a variety of gestural and positional […]

30 Days of iPhone – Day 2

So I’ve been having email troubles on my iPhone yesterday afternoon and this morning. Turns out I’m not the only one. In fact, everyone I know (that I’ve asked) are having the same problem with the Yahoo! push email service. Evidently Yahoo makes you enter a code every now and again that lets them know […]

Switchers Perspective: Hardware

One of the key things that I noticed when I got my MacBook Pro is that it is slick looking. I worried that it wouldn’t stay pretty for long. I am pretty rough on my computers. The ThinkPad paled in comparison, and was smaller in size than the MacBook Pro. I found myself enjoying the […]

Happy 4th of July!

Well, here in the states it’s the day we celebrate our Independence. It’s a day to reflect, a day to ponder, and day to blow things up! Now, with it being a holiday, we’re going to be taking things easy around here, but there will be a few posts today, including another installment to “Switcher’s […]

iPhone Quick Tip: Faster Punctuation Typing

The iPhone keyboard will be debated for a very long time…some (like me) will love it, and have no complaints about using it. Others will hate it down to their very core. Such is the way of Apple products. Regardless of how you feel about the keyboard, I think you’ll appreciate this tip. When you […]

Want to IM on your iPhone? Meebo has you covered…

One of the most glaring omissions from the iPhone is an Instant Messenger application. Rumor has it that a version of iChat is coming soon to the iPhone…but for the time being there is no IM client for the iPhone. Oh wait…yeah there is… Meebo.com is an interesting start up. The company basically offers web […]

Switchers Perspective: Software

It is amazing how often people say that Mac’s just work. I found that to be true for the initial things, but once I went beyond the software that was included on my machine, I found myself lost and confused, and feeling very limited in what I could produce. What was a dock, and how […]