Steve Jobs makes a buck

Once again, Steve Jobs has received his annual salary of $1. Jobs also DID NOT receive any bonuses in 2006, so technically he only made a buck all last year. Of course, his almost 1 billion dollars worth of Apple Stock is no flash in the pan, so ole Steve is doing alright.

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 31 is LIVE!

New Unified look in latest Leopard build, NAB Announcements, Final Cut Studio 2 tour cities, and I’m trying out a new mic (and not entirely happy with the results) I need your input!! You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. In addition to that, […]

30 Days of AppleTV – Day 20

Visual Hub is turning into my new best friend, and last night I tried some different things with the encoding process. I hadn’t used the H.264 encoding option before because it almost tripled the time that it takes to encode the files, but last night I decided to give it a try, just to see […]

REMINDER: “Lights, Camera, ” Event today

Apple is hosting an event called “Lights, Camera, ” today at 11:00 am PDT. In 2004 Apple announced Shake, DVD Studio Pro 3, XSan, Final Cut Pro HD, and Motion. In 2005 Final Cut Pro 5, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor 2, Motion 2, LiveType 2, DVD Studio Pro 4 and Shake 4 were all announced. In […]

30 Days of AppleTV – Day 19

Last night I had to pause the shows I was watching several times, and I noticed something that bothers me. When you unpause a video purchased in iTunes, whether it is streaming or on the hard drive, there is a weird kind of laggy delay that happens to the video for a few seconds. The […]

New ‘Get a Mac’ Ad – Stuffed

Apple has posted yet another ‘Get a Mac’ Ad. This one is called “Stuffed”, and is about how PC is bloated from all the trial and/or useless software that comes bundled on him. When PC says “you know how it is…”, Mac responds that “no, Macs just come with stuff you want like iTunes, iMovie…” […]

Brushed Metal gone from latest Leopard Build has some screenshots of the latest Leopard build, and the most noticible difference is that the brush metal look appears to be gone from the OS. I think most people agree that it’s time for a change as far as the brushed metal look is concerned… There is no word (of course) if this […]

30 Days of Apple TV – Day 18

As we get closer to the end of this 30 day period, I’m having trouble waiting that extra 24 hours for new shows. I want to watch my Thursday night line up on Thursday night…not Friday…and I didn’t think that would be much of an issue for me…but I keep finding myself running over to […]