30 Days of AppleTV – Day 27

I don’t have a very complicated home set up anymore. It’s just the AppleTV, a DVD player, a VCR, an Xbox360 and a Wii. Now, I say that’s not complicated, because I can operate almost all of it with one remote. My Logitech Harmony 520. I love my Harmony remote, and have really gotten used […]

New HandBrake released with AppleTV Support!

Griffith over at Forever Geek pointed me towards the latest release of Handbrake which is now not only multi-platform, but also features AppleTV Support! I will be trying the software out tonight for a 30 Days of AppleTV post, and I’ll let you know what kind of luck I have with conversion times, but for […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 36 is Live!

Jobs and Ive up for Time 100, ex-Apple execs in hot water with SEC, and iPhone for business? You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. In addition to that, you should be able to play every episode of the podcast directly in your browser […]

Jobs and Ive up for Time’s 100

MacNN reports that both Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Apple vice president of industrial design Johnathan Ive have both been nominated for Time’s 100 list this year. Jobs is, of course, the CEO of Apple, Inc. and the largest shareholder of Disney. Jobs has already been featured on the list 4 times in the past, […]

30 Days of AppleTV – Day 26

Here’s an interesting tip I discovered yesterday. Google Video has a feature where you can download iPod versions of the files posted on the site. For example, If you were to check out Pirates of Silicon Valley on Google Video, you could download the iPod version of the file… and guess what else? It plays […]