HUGE iPhone Ad adorns the Apple Cube in NYC

I’m already beginning to think that by the time the iPhone actually gets here, we’re all going to be sick of hearing about it, seeing it, or talking about it…but the media onslaught of the upcoming iPhone continues, as Mac Rumors has pics of a giant advertisement for the new device mounted on the Apple […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 6 is Live!

New UK Get a Mac Ads hit the web, a Motorola Exect gets his shorts in a wad over the iPhone, and more Leopard early release speculation, on Apple Gazette Daily for March 12th, 2007 You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here.

More coolness from Google for the iPhone?

Loop Rumors is reporting on a new patent filed for by Google that can predict what you want to search for by analyzing what they are typing in a text message by taking into account the users location, previous searching / messaging history and even the time of day. This could be a very cool […]

Moto Exec gets shorts in a wad over iPhone questions

According to Infinite Loop Motorola European Marketing Director Simon Thompson has had enough of the iPhone talk. At the OPA Forum for the Future conference in London last week, in response to a question about what he thought of the iPhone, he responded with the following: “We thought it looked very pretty and white. iPhone, […]

OS X Quick Tip: Delete Those Files…Forever

If you’re looking to delete something and you want to make sure that no one will ever be able to find it again, there is a really simple and easy way to do that in MOST cases. This is another one of those super-easy Quick tips that you may already know…but some of you out […]

Andy Barker P.I. – Check it out Free in iTunes

I love going through and downloading the free programming in iTunes.  It always gives me a chance to check out some new programs that I might otherwise skip.  Andy Barker P.I. is one of those kinds of shows.  I wasn’t necessarily planning on watching Andy Barker, but I was looking for something to do the […]